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Sri Lanka my Dream Home Program is promoted by the Government of Sri Lanka to allow people from all over the world who fulfill certain criteria, to stay in Sri Lanka as long as possible on a Long Term Resident Visa. It is open to citizens of countries recognized by Sri Lanka regardless of race, religion or gender. This program allows applicants to bring with them their spouses, and children who are unmarried and below the age of 18. It is the perfect visa for foreign citizens to enjoy long-term stay in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka my Dream Home Program is initiated, organized and launched by the Sri Lankan Government and is thus one that the Government will continuously seek to improve, to ensure its success and committed to making your life in Sri Lanka an enjoyable one.

Here are some of the key benefits of Sri Lanka my Dream Home Program :

  • Unlimited period of stay in the country with Multiple-Entry Visa
  • You can invest and own businesses in Sri Lanka 
  • You can enjoy a luxury lifestyle at a fraction of the costs
  • World Class medical facilities at a fraction of the costs including traditional Ayurvedic medicine (more information - contact us)

The best thing is that you still retain your citizenship and all its privileges in your own country. You can come and go as you wish.  There is no restriction on your stay and traveling.

You definitely need this program if you currently facing one of the following problems: 

  • High cost of living in your own country.
  • Dreary weather in your own country causing illnesses or allergies.
  • Dream of living in a warm tropical paradise.
  • Your nationality limits your investment and entrepreneur abilities.
  • Your government levies taxation on your income, assets and capital worldwide.
  • You and your children must serve in the army.
  • Your nationality limits your freedom of traveling.
  • You want to change the address of your permanent residency.

If you are considering where to retire and want to retire overseas, we have some tips for you to consider retire early and rich.  

  • Looking for an affordable place to retire is a good idea, even if you think you have plenty of money to retire on.  Remember, you will have to contend with illness and other problems associated with aging.  A cheap retirement means planning for problems you wouldn't even think about during your younger years.  So consider these contingencies when you look for places to live.  Low Cost Medical Insurance policy is one of the solutions and Sri Lanka offers world class medical facilities
  • The biggest consideration in finding an affordable place to live or retire overseas is housing.  Housing costs will probably consume at least 30 percent of your expenses even though most mortgages have been paid off by retirement age.  This is due to the extreme climate changes and up-keeping of your property.  However in Sri Lanka, we face moderate warm weather through out the year.  Thus, housing costs and maintenance are very minimum.
  • Rather than waiting to move to a new location after you retire, you may wish to consider moving to an affordable place to retire while you are still working.  This will give you extra time and information in planning a cheap retirement that you can enjoy

Why not try living in Sri Lanka, your gateway to a world of difference! Perpetual warm tropical climate, inviting shorelines of pure white sands and clear blue sea, friendly locals, choice of city living, highland retreats or seaside resorts, a variety of gastronomical delights to satiate even the most discerning of palates, await you in Sri Lanka.

This is the place where you can retire early and comfortably. This is about living well with less money. You are a telephone call away from making this a reality.

No matter how adventurous you are, it is always good to have someone whom you can trust to help you, especially if you are in a foreign land. Here at Migration Lanka Services, we understand that the decision to pursue a new life in another country is a serious one.

Therefore, we strive to give each and every one of our clients the best experience possible, such that they can make informed decisions towards their journey to a life in Sri Lanka.

We always believe that each client is different, and comes to us with different challenges, so we would always like to hear from you about your needs and issues, such that we can perhaps build the foundations of a life that is tailored to your expectations. All these services are now available under one roof. Our staffs are always eager to hear from you, so never hesitate to send us an email or contact us for more information.

“Migration Services Lanka” is the only specialized and authorized Visa support company in Sri Lanka. please consult us for more information


Your fee will include government visa fee and our service fee. As every case is different, our service fee depends on the circumstances of your case  and could only be determined after all the information is available to us. However, as part of our company policy to provide transparent and responsible service to our clients, our service fee will be clearly indicated to you before you submit the application to us. please consult us for more information

We offer 100% money back guarantee

Use Migration Lanka Services, the most convenient way to get the Retirement Visa

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